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Georgina Goodman in ‘Boots-Pretending-to-be-Shoes’ shocker

georgina-goodman-knee-bootsWe’ve come to expect better things from Georgina Goodman. In fact, we’d go so far as to say she’s one of our very favourite designers, so it was particularly distressing for us to catch one of her boot creations red-handed (or red-legged, as the case may be) in the act of impersonating a pair of shoes. Regular readers will know our position on impostor footwear, but we’re actually inclined to turn a blind eye to this transgression, which seems fairly minor compared to some other examples of this particular fashion crime.

What do you think? Should we let these boots off with a warning, or does the fact that they’re pretending to be shoes automatically earn them Fashion Criminal status?

Georgina Goodman knee boots, £440

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