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George at Asda now offering online shopping


Anyone who remembers our list of Five UK Fashion Stores We’d Like to See Selling Online may recall our pleas to George at Asda to make their website transactional. And it seems like someone at George was listening, because as we policed the Internet this morning we stumbled across Asda Direct, which is selling not just the ‘George’ clothing lines online, but also homeware, toys and various other items not previously included in the grocery shopping site.

The Fashion Police are pleased about this because there are some true gems to be found in George if you’re willing to look long and hard enough for them, and the prices are hard to beat. Witness, for instance, the £15 shoes shown above, the £14 black dress (very Jackie O) or the 40s style jacket, which is only £24. In other words: this development pleases The Fashion Police. Now come on Zara and Primark, let’s see you follow suit…

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