Gap bring in Patrick Robinson to make them fashionable


Gap is in crisis. Sales are falling. Their "skinny black pants" advert featuring Audrey Hepburn was dismissed as "tasteless". Roland Mouret designed them a bunch of shapeless sack dresses – no one wanted them. And it seems that, these days, people just aren’t interested in gangs of perky, khaki-clad teenagers dancing their little hearts out in their identikit clothing. Go figure.

But wait! All this could be about to change, for Gap are making some changes, and are bringing in former Paco Rabanne designer, Patrick Robinson, to take the brand in hand. Robinson, of course, has just designed a capsule collection for Target’s Go International, so he would appear to be the perfect person to shake things up at Gap. My question: will he be able to make a difference? And, more importantly: will he be able to do something about that whole "jeans go baggy after a couple of wears" issue they have?

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