Gap to open store in China and start selling online in the UK & Canada: now, who’s next?


Whee! Soon people in China will be able to dress just like this!

The Fashion Police have had a long-standing, albeit pretty half-assed campaign to get more fashion retailers selling online (and to the WHOLE world, not just a few select parts of it), so while Gap sadly didn’t make it onto our list of Five Fashion Stores We’d Like to See Selling Online, we still have to say: it’s about time.

Yes, Gap will start selling online in the UK and Canada, having previously only shipped within the United States, in 2010, when they’ll also open their first store in China. It’s not clear at the moment if this will apply only to Gap, or to the other Gap-owned brands, like Piperlime and Old Navy, but here’s hoping. We’re not big Gap shoppers ourselves, but still, it’s always good to have another store just a click of the mouse away.

Of our original list of stores who don’t sell online, we’re pleased to note that New Look and George at Asda have since seen sense, and opened transactional websites, so that just leaves Zara, H&M (who sell online in some countries, but not others) and Primark. Come ON, you three, what are you waiting for? The internet’s not going to go away, you know…

Anyone else we’ve missed? Who would you like to see start selling online/internationally?

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