GALLERY |Topshop Unique A/W 2013 collection

The autumn/winter 2013 Topshop Unique collection hit stores and sites this morning, and already some of the key items have started to sell out (If you have your heart set on one of those pink coats that are oh-so-trendy this season, then we’re afraid you’re going to have to look elsewhere: the version by Unique was gorgeous, but it was gone within hours, sadly…), so we figured we’d better take a quick look at the collection before it’s gone for good.

Much of this collection is predictably trendy. Aside from the pink coat, there’s also a whole lot of of patent leather/vinyl:


We can see some potential in the skirt on the left, but as for the other pieces, well, we’re afraid they just look cheap to us… which is ironic, because most of the items in this collection cost upwards of £200. The trousers in particular have a bit of a “bin bag” vibe about them, and… let’s just say we won’t be crying into our Cornflakes when this “wipe clean” trend is finally over.

On a more positive note, we’re much more enamoured with some of the silk and sequinned pieces, which use bright, pastel shades to great effect, and have a luxurious feel to them which makes the high prices less of a surprise:

silk and sequins from Topshop unique

Then there are things like this:

mongolian fur sweater by Topshop UniqueIt looks warm. That’s as much as we’re willing to say about it, though.


And this:

Topshop Unique pink silk jumpsuit

Which is totally a pair of joined-together silk pyjamas, isn’t it? A £200 pair of joined-together pyjamas. Interesting.

The rest of the collection is available to view and buy at the Topshop website, but as for how long it’ll remain there, we have no idea, so go and take a look while you can: but don’t forget to come back and give us your verdict!


GALLERY | Topshop Unique Autumn/Winter 2013

Click on each image to go directly to the product page, or view the entire collection – or what’s left of it – here.

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