Future Classics lumpy-leg trousers: presumably they look better on…

Future_classics To be fair, judging by the picture of these jodhpur-style trousers on the mannequin (see it here), they actually do look better on than they do in this picture, which, quite frankly, makes them look deformed.

Now, we have a few easy rules when it comes to buying clothes, and one of them is that if the item looks like it has some seriously saggy hips and knees even when it’s not being worn, it’s probably not going to flatter us. Let’s face it, we need all the help we can get here, after all: we’re looking for clothes that’ll help hide our lumps and bumps, not create new ones, and while we understand that may be an "edgy" and "uber cool" look according to the Matches Fashion, we think we can probably learn to live without being "edgy" and "cool" if it means we get to escape the hip bags.

What do you think, readers? Could you make these trousers work for you? If you could, you’ll find them over at Matches, where they’re £218.

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