Furry Fashion from Omer Asim

fur t-shirt

Now THAT is what you call a hairy chest, readers. And also a hairy back. We’re impressed. Before we rush out and spend £552 on this, though, we wonder: what on earth would we wear with our brand new fur t-shirt?

We could wear it like this, obviously:

fur t-shirt

That could work.

It’s just, you know, it’s not quite edgy enough, is it? So we think we’d probably wear it with this:

fur skirt

NOW we have an outfit. And we’ll get bonus fashionista points for the presence of the sheer panel on the skirt, too! Note that the peep toe boot rule is in full effect here: not, of course, that we’d have needed to consult it in this particular case…

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  • July 12, 2012


    Why!!!! Why must my eyes linger longingly at this horrific scene?! I have to admit that I would like a midi length pencil skirt with two toned fur on the front. I’m sorry.

    But this blouse and sheer skirt look atrocious.

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  • July 12, 2012


    finally, a top to wear with the Chewbacca leggings!

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  • October 3, 2012


    How many toupees did you have to steal from Donald Trump, dye them, then glue them on to these clothes? This is just terrible. Also this skirt looks like you ticked off a cat. Some designers just want to embarress the innocent people that buy there clothes.

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