Furry ballet flats are a thing now

furry ballet flats

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These may look like a cosy pair of furry slippers, but it saddens us to report that they’re actually a pair of furry outdoor shoes: and $740 ones, at that.

Now, we’ve written fairly extensively on the scourge of furry boots that seem to be dominating the autumn/winter collections, but these ones are particularly perplexing, and not JUST because they’d presumably make your feet look like they belonged on a hairy mammoth.  No, we’re talking here about practicality. As with the furry boots we’ve featured, we can’t see how pale fur would be at all practical during the wintery weather these presumably designed for, but at least the boots have the defense of being warm. These shoes, however, raise the conundrum that if it’s cold enough to wear fur on your feet, surely it’s too cold for ballet flats, which expose the top of the foot? And you could, of course, wear thick socks with them, but… that does’t sound particularly stylish either, does it?

Our schoolgirl French didn’t permit us to identify which breed of animal (if any) might have died to create these, but the product description  DOES seem to talk a bit about Ann Bolyen and Elizabeth the first, so perhaps there’s a reason for the existence of these shoes that we haven’t even considered. If Elizabethan fashions are about to make a comeback, however, well, that’ll make for some interesting times here at Fashion Police HQ, let’s put it that way…


  • August 8, 2014


    LOL. Looking them over I was puzzled by the plastic instep inserts and first thought–gee that would be uncomfortable. But I realized they are to support the chains—DUH! I still think they are slippers regardless of what the makers say. Very expensive slippers!

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  • August 11, 2014


    It was a sheep who gave its fur, and a calf for the leather lining. It is supposed to look feminine, but also a little rebellious. Well, I *can* see my father thundering: “You are going out in THAT?”

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