Full time fashion blogger? Here’s a sweatshirt just for you…

full time fashion blogger

‘Full Time Fashion Blogger’ sweatshirt, £25 at River Island

Are there seriously so many full time fashion bloggers out there that there’s a need for dedicated clothing, just for them? Apparently so: or maybe River Island just think there are enough people who WANT to be full-time fashion bloggers for this sweatshirt to be funny/ironic/whatever.

There’s no doubt in our minds that, despite repeated rumours of the “death” of blogging, more people than ever are jumping on board the fashion blog bandwagon these days: we suspect recent articles suggesting that top fashion bloggers are making millions of dollars from their blogs have a lot to do with that. If, however, you’re not impressed with the increasing number of fashion-blogger-wannabes, don’t worry, there’s a shirt for you, too:

no one reads your blog t-shirt

No One Reads Your ******* Blog Shirt, £17 at Zalando

Short. To the point. Hilarious if worn by the best friends of the people who buy the “Full Time Fashion Blogger” sweatshirt. Now THAT would make an excellent Instagram photo-opp, don’t you think?

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