Toshop’s side-fringed jeans: the start of a new trend?


With skinnies now apparently settled in for the long-haul, and high waists on the way out, it’s time for denim designers to come up with a new style of jean to plague us all with. We just really, really hope this isn’t it. As far as we’re concerned, fringes are largely the preserve of frustrated cowgirls and country line dancers. That’s not to say they can’t look good on the rest of us, too, because we’re sure we can, on the right piece. All we’re saying is that we don’t think these black skinnies are the right piece. Why would you want your legs to look like they had beards, after all? And what kind of occasion demands fringed jeans, we wonder?

What do you think? Is this is the fringed shape of things to come, or will they be going straight to Fashion Police jail?

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