Fringe leggings, revisited

We’ve discussed the existence of fringe leggings before, but we figured these ones deserved a special mention, not just because of the leggings themselves, but because of the styling of the whole outfit:

multicolour fringe leggings

They’re basically My Little Pony’s leggings, aren’t they? As in, if My Little Pony ever decided to wear clothes, multicloured pastel print leggings with manes of their own would probably be high on its wish list. These Bitching & Junkfood creations were presumably high on someone else’s wish list, too, because they seem to have sold out at ASOS, despite their bes efforts to put people off, by styling them with a fishnet top, neon bra, and chunky platform boots, which are either made by Jefferey Campbell or simply inspired by him: we’re not sure which is worse, to be perfectly honest.

pastel print leggings with fringes

These may be gone, however, but fear not, fringe fans: ASOS are still determined to make fringe leggings happen, and have created their own version, to allow you to get a similar look, at a fraction of the price:

black fringed leggings

ASOS leggings, £28

Minus the JC boots and tie-dye pattern, these are… well, actually, they’re still pretty bad as far as we’re concerned, with the fringe looking like a DIY project gone wrong. They’d possibly be just a little easier to wear than their pastel counterparts, though, and maybe that will make them more appealing to you, who knows.

If you’re wondering what you’d wear on top, meanwhile, there can be only one answer to that:

fringed bikini top

It’s technically a bikini top (Well, we’re assuming it is, anyway: it’s honestly hard to tell with some brands…), but that fringe would just be plain annoying if you let it get wet (And you might need to comb it after a swim, too), so don’t let that stop you.

What do you think of the current trend for long fringes on things?

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