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The Ugliest Leggings in all the Land? Frill leggings by KTZ

Most of the time when we arrest items for this site, we’re able to recognise that even although the item in question may not be to our personal taste, there’s someone, somewhere, who could probably look fantastic in it.

Not this time.

This time we’re just quietly horrified to think that someone, somewhere thought this was a good idea, because we can’t imagine these looking good on anyone. KTZ didn’t stop there, though: not content with adding huge, 80s-prom-dress-meets-ice-dance-costume ruffles to leggings, they also added them to skirts:

(Yes, those are skirts. We know they don’t necessarily look like skirts, but they are. Allegedly.)

Want to prove us wrong on the whole “no one could look good in these” thing? Click here to buy them. Or just leave us a comment and let us know we’re not alone in our horror…

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