‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Crocs’ and other anti-Croc t-shirts from IhateCrocs.com


Crocs. You hate them, I hate them – everyone I speak to seems to hate them, but still the damn things won’t go away. Now the people who sell them are even employing marketing companies to post fake comments here at The Fashion Police, purporting to be from Croc lovers, so that we’ll all suddenly change our minds and start thinking they’re cool. Here’s the newsflash: Crocs still aren’t cool, and no one knows it better than the good folks over at ihatecrocs.com, who have been doing such sterling work in the war against Crocs. They have burned them. They’ve attacked them with scissors. Even although the Crocs refuse to die – so far – they won’t give up, and have even brought out a range of t-shirts bearing their Croc-hatin’ message.

IHateCrocs.com – we salute you. And all the people who are thinking of leaving a comment on this entry saying, "But they’re SO COMFY"? Please, don’t. We don’t care that they’re comfortable: we still think they make you look like an ass. c 

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