Dress of the Day: French Connection ‘Summer in Eden’ dress

French connection white shift dress with floral print

French Connection ‘Summer in Eden’ dress, £120

If you read our article on  “Spring Staples’ last week, you probably gathered that we’re big fans of the current French Connection collection. These clothes may not be the most exciting pieces you’ll find, but they’re the kind of simple, stylish basics that SHOULD be really easy to find, but which somehow AREN’T. (Why IS that, we wonder? Why is always easy to find a pair of leopard -print harem pants, say, while the perfect black cardigan or perfectly fitting pair of jeans remain elusive? One of life’s great mysteries, we guess…) And no, we’re not being paid to say that, we promise: just giving credit where it’s due!

We showed you a few French Connection dresses in that post, but we held this one back to be today’s DOTD, because we thought it was worthy of extra attention. Again, this is a very simple dress – it’s a basic white shift, the kind of thing many of us have owned at some point – but the embroidered floral print really makes it stand out, and helps justify the £120 price tag. This is the kind of simple shift that’s perfect on a hot summer day with bare legs and a great pair of sandals. Linen has never been our favourite fabric to wear (This is 60% linen, 40% cotton), purely because it creases easily, and can therefore be hard to wear, but at least it’ll keep you nice and cool.

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