Fashon Police Gold Star for…Freida Pinto The Immortals 3D premiere

Freida Pinto in a white dress at the premiere of The Immortals 3D

Freida Pinto

This looks like exactly the kind of thing Princess Leia would wear, if Princess Leia had been invited to the L.A. premiere of The Immortals 3D. (And she totally should have been invited, by the way. Princess Leia should be invited to everything.) This is why we had no hesitation in awarding Freida Pinto, who we have kind of a soft spot for anyway, the coveted Fashion Police Gold Star.

THIS, on the other hand…

Isabel Lucas in a white dress at the premiere of The Immortals

Isabel Lucas

This is like the “How Not to Wear It” version of Freida’s outfit. Its not a TERRIBLE dress, necessarily. But it’s the kind of dress you have to stand up in all night, because the SECOND you sit down, bend down, or make any kind of movement AT ALL, it creases like crazy and looks like it was £19.99 from BargainBridal.com. (Which is a totally fictional store, before you go looking it up.) Add in the sad, saggy looking bust, the cheap elasticated waist, and we just want to take her and hug her and tell her it’ll all be OK…an iron, a narrow waist belt, or even a thin strip of fabric in a contrasting colour to hide that elasticated waist, and she’ll be looking ten times better. Maybe.

For now, we’d simply advise her not to stand too close to Freida, because it’ll only make the contrast even worse.

The Immortals 3D premiereWhoops, too late.

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