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Fraud Squad: Paul Smith and ASOS Do Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses from ASOS

You know that advert? The one where the man and woman are getting ready to go out, but she can’t find anything to wear, so she gets changed about a million times (because that’s what we girls are like, dontchya know!) before thinking to herself, "I know! I will totally just sling a belt around my husband’s white shirt and go out to dinner in that because it’s been washed in <insert name of washing powder> and now it’s just SO SOFT!" And then they walk into the restaurant, and she’s all, "GOD, look at me, totally rockin’ the house here in this white shirt", and everyone else is all "What a tit"? That one? Well, now you can look like that too. Aren’t you glad?!

On the left, Paul Smith Blue’s oversized cotton shirt dress, a snip at just £460. On the right, the ASOS version – £22. Is it just me, or does the Paul Smith dress look like a nurse’s outfit? (And not a sexy nurse, either…)

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