Fraud Squad: peep toe shoes from Versace, Forever 21 and ASOS


Even without our helpful annotations, there would be absolutely no prizes for spotting the designer shoe out of this little bunch. The Versace shoes stick out like Britney at last year’s VMAs, and not just because they’re gold and shiny, either. The Versaces, of course, were the original manifestation of this particular style, and we think they were the best, too. Still, $660 is a lot of money, and you’d be lucky to find these in stock now anyway, so Forever 21 and ASOS have jumped in to make sure we don’t have to go without. Very chivalrous of them, we’re sure.

The Forever 21 shoes are the cheapest, at $32.80 and also come in, er, white patent leather. ASOS, meanwhile, as selling their versions in black or red, for $93.

Which pair would you buy, if any?

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