Fraud Squad: Gucci Versus Next

Gucc vs nexti

Next does designer – who woulda thunk it? We’re used to thinking of Next as the place to buy boring old work suits and inoffensive leisure wear, and suddenly they go all Gucci on us. I’m seriously tempted by the dress on the right – I mean, obviously I’d be tempted by the Gucci version, on the left too, but I bet it’s several hundred pounds more expensive than Next’s copy, which is a mere £36.99. So, should I get it? Decisions, decisions…

One tip, though? If you do decide to buy either version of this dress, do us a favour and give the “bright purple socks over dark purple tights” look a miss, yes? Top marks to Next for accessorising this one far more successfully than Gucci have managed. Shame on you, you so-called Italian fashion masters!


Luella Bartley V. Additions Direct

My apologies for the size of the picture – it was the best the website had to offer, I’m afraid, but I’m sure you’ll cope. Anyway, on the left – the fabulous Luella Bartley and her beautiful tartan dress. (It’s a measure of how very impressed I am by this dress that I loathe and detest tartan… but I still love this). On the right – Additions Direct, formerly owned by Argos. On the left, a few hundred dollars worth of dress – on the right, £35. Amazing.

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