Frankenshoes: Zaha Hadid and Lacoste join forces


And here we were, thinking Crocs were probably as bad as it was going to get, plastic-shoe-wise.

These are the result of a collaboration between Lacoste and Zaha Hadid, and while, granted, the actual shoe itself isn't quite as bad as a Croc, the thick strip of plastic winding its way up the leg takes these into a whole other league: and it's not a league we particularly want to join. To quote an oft-used phrase here at The Fashion Police, "Think of the tan lines!" Also: think of how that cold plastic would feel against your skin!

We're going to pass, but if you can't wait to wind that plastic up your leg, you're gong to have to wait until July, which is when these will be released. Visit the Lacoste website for more information.

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