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Frankenshoes: Rick Owens Basket Boots

This isn’t the first time Rick Owens has come up against The Fashion Police on charges of Frankenshoe creation. Let’s face it: dude has form. (Take a look at the gallery of some of Rick’s previous creations below, if you don’t believe us.) In fact, this isn’t even the WORST time, which is saying quite a lot, no?

That doesn’t mean these aren’t dangerous fashion criminals, of course. They most certainly are, and we’ll just quickly demonstrate why:

Giuseppe Zanotti for Thakoon sock boots. If we’d seen them first, our officers would’ve been ALL OVER their “Boots-Pretending-to-Be-Socks” selves. But their crimes seem minor in comparison to the Rick Owens ones above, don’t they. And this is why Rick Owens is so dangerous: he makes other Frankenshoes look good. Or, OK, not good. We don’t think anything could make these look good. He makes them look less bad, then. And that thought will keep The Fashion Police awake tonight.

If you’re awake, too, you can pass the time by looking at our Rick Owens Frankenshoe Hall of Fame. Don’t have nightmares…


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