Frankenshoes: Hoof shoes take over

hoof shoes

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a REALLY bad time to be a shoe right now. REALLY bad. Unless, of course, you’re a shoe that secretly wants to be a horse. In that case, your luck is definitely in, because “Hoof shoes” are all the rage right now. Horses must be stoked to find themselves suddenly “bang on trend” as they stomp around with their fetlocks flying!

These hooves are by Arfango, and unlike the last pair of Frankenshoes we arrested, at least the hair/fur isn’t really. And you know, in a certain light, they don’t really look THAT much like hooves at all, do they? No, from above, for instance, they look much more like a pair of Bigfoot feet. Which is SO much better.

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  • November 27, 2012


    Yikes–They are like Bigfoot feet! Unless you’re trying to hide a bad case of foot fungus or gangrene, you would wear these?

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