I saw the thumbnail and thought ‘ooh orange/red peeptoe platforms!’ …

Comment on Frankenshoes: Calvin Klein collection ‘Ray’ platform sandals by Mya.

i saw the thumbnail and thought ‘ooh orange/red peeptoe platforms!’ then i saw the rest of them…and threw up

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River Island Autumn/Winter 2013
Any idea when the boots pictured are available? I’ve been hunting for a pair of thigh-highs for ages and I could possibly afford river island.

Gareth Pugh pants, and other crimes of fashion
I want those gareth pugh pants! I’d have to take the hem up a litlle, but my life at the moment seems to revolve around finding pants/jeans suitable for my 39″ inseam legs… At that length they do look a lttle odd though

How much would you pay for…the perfect jeans?
Could someone please tell me where they find these outrageously long jeans? Becaus appart from long tall sally i’ve never had a pair long enough, and long all sally always seem to be completley the wrong shape for me! any help would be well recieved!

Style Trial: Kim Kardashian’s NYE outfit
She has money, and i’m guessing this is designer….so why couldn’t she get the sleeves shortened so they don’t cover her hands?

Gold Star: Keira Knightley at the L.A. premiere of Anna Karenina
I think it’s satin because that’s not a print, it’s embroidery, chiffon would pull under the weight, and theres a chance of seeing the back of the embroidery through the fabric, (i think)

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