Frankenshoes: Calvin Klein collection ‘Ray’ platform sandals

ugly shoes


Citizens of Fashion Land, we owe you an apology. We really thought our officers had rounded up all the flatforms last time they were “popular” (We’re putting that word in inverted commas because although there were a whole lot of them on sale, we didn’t actually see anyone WEAR them, as we recall. Maybe we just blocked those memories, though…), and locked them safely away in the Fashion Police jail.

Apparently we were wrong. These Calvin Klein flatforms arrived at Shopbop just a couple of weeks ago, and there’s now only one pair left (If you wear a size 37, you’re in luck…) That means the rest of them are out there somewhere. People are buying them. We can only fight the flatforms for so long: sooner or later we’re going to need reinforcements


  • January 9, 2013


    lock them up and throw away the key

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  • January 13, 2013


    i saw the thumbnail and thought ‘ooh orange/red peeptoe platforms!’ then i saw the rest of them…and threw up

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