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Frankenshoes: Acne ‘Pillion’ peep toe shoe boots

The words “peep toe boots” provided a strong clue that these were going to be Frankenshoes, but actually, the peep-toe element isn’t what we’re here to discuss. No, we’re simply concerned that this is anther example of the “unfinished shoe”. We’ve already shown you one such example, in the shape of Jeffrey Campbell’s ‘Benched Shoes’, but Acne’s ‘Pillion look even more like someone knocked together a prototype using whatever bits of scrap material they could find lying around the workroom, then got bored and abandoned it. Which isn’t what we normally expect from a pair of £540 shoes.

Let’s bring out the ol’ devil’s advocate again, though. We COULD say that these are very creative, and… actually, that’s all we’ve got.

What do you think of them?

(Click here if you want to buy them.)

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