Frankenpants: R13 denim leather chap jeans

Folks, you know, you can wear jeans, or you can wear leggings (leather ones, preferably). But, let’s face it: why would you want to make that an either/or kind of decision, when designers are just queuing up to help you wear both at the same time?

OK, we say “queuing up”. We may well be exaggerating there (Who, US?), because this is only the second “leggings stuck to pants” incident we’ve been forced to arrest. We think two such incidents is more than enough, though: after all, one could just have been a freak accident, but two is starting to seem like a growing “trend”, and we like to try and nip these things in the bud if we possibly can.

If you disagree, however, and want to do your bit to support the cause of the Frankenpants, you can click here to buy them for $620. No, that’s not a typo…


  • December 10, 2010


    Looks a little streetworker-ish… Actually, not even a little. A lot.

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  • December 11, 2010


    they look very uncomfortable

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  • December 12, 2010


    Oh man, these models nowadays. Can hardly tell the difference between the front and the “rear”(whatever that means) views. Gotta thank the heels for the tip-off.

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