Ok ew i hate patchy clothes. …

Comment on Forever 21 take the recession seriously, make skirts out of old scraps by Alina.

ok ew i hate patchy clothes.

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Halloween Fashion: Bat handbag from Topshop
seems like topshop was inspired not by halloween but by japanese gothic lolitas. i heard that bat hand bags were a staple as are coffin purses…yea..

Identity Parade: red triple strap Mary Janes -which is the designer shoe?
i can tell that B has a nicer finish and the soles look like they are properly glued down. just nicer in general, and the straps have a nice shape whether A doesn’t.

Fashion Trends: seven-eighths trousers, a.k.a. “ankle length”
i really like it! though i have been liking ankle length pants for a while now. much better than the floor length kind where you cant even show off nice shoes.

Open shoulder hoody by Cheap Monday: not exactly practical
unpractical but cute!

Fashion Police traumatized by Maison Martin Margiela S/S 09 collection at Paris Fashion Week
oh wow, that WAS a bit disturbing, i wonder what music they played along with the clothes. well it IS close to halloween.

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