Well, apart from the fact that most people with even …

Comment on Forever 21 take the recession seriously, make skirts out of old scraps by Am.

Well, apart from the fact that most people with even the basics of sewing could make this (with scraps from their Granny’s sewing box – or similar) this reminds me of a skirt I had a VERY long time ago. When my mother still bought my clothes. Thanks for reminding me of a particularly painful experience of actually having to wear the thing…

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Crochet Crimes: The crochet monokini
Fran, I don’t think its there for getting wet (ie swimming) But I can imagine the tan lines too, so apart from being a hideous garment it is enitirely useless too!

Puffball shorts. Puff. Ball. Shorts.
I was going to add that the sandals are hideous, but it looks like Natalia beat me to it! Sandals = hideaos. Shorts = hideous. Round them up, throw them in jail then put them through some kind of rehab.

Dress of the Day: Houndstooth plaid ‘Darlene’ dress by EC Star
That is a darling dress, one of the best dress of the day for ages. Great find.

Another Boots-Pretending-to-be-Shoes Shocker
I think I just threw up a little…

Heart-toed shoes by Alexander McQueen, just in time for Valentine’s Day
oooh, I have pair of navy and cream vintage shoes which are slightly similar to these (not so high obviously!) I’ll have to dust them off and take them out for a stroll!

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