Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Forever 21 show us just how bad the harem pant pandemic can actually get


Crime Report filed by: Catherine

Crime of Fashion: Drop crotch pants, of the highest – sorry, lowest, order

Alleged Perp:Forever 21

Since the drop-crotch pants scare started, all those months ago, stores have rushed to create pants which they call "harem pants" and we call "Public Enemy # 1". There have been so many of these alleged Drop Crotch Crimes, in fact, that The Fashion Police have struggled to contain the outbreak, and have been forced to allow many pairs of pants to walk free, when they should really have been incarcerated, in the interests of saving the public's eyesight.

When reader Catherine reported this latest offence to us, however, we couldn't just stand back and do nothing. Forever 21 appear to have succeeded in making the ugliest harem pants we've seen in months: and that's really saying something. F21, we don't know whether to congratulate you or attest you. We think we'll arrest you, though. And we'll also start stockpiling the eyeball bleach again. 

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