Footwear Impostors: Robert Clergerie Karco Tassle Heeled Ankle Boots

Robert Clergerie Karco Tassle Heeled Ankle Boots

Did you know The Fashion Police celebrated its sixth birthday last month?

Six years, and after all this time, designers are STILL attaching shoes to socks and acting like that’s a totally reasonable thing to do. As if people buy a pair of shoes, and then always wear them with exactly the same socks for the rest of their lives, never once wanting to try something different: something REALLY adventurous, like, say, a DIFFERENT PAIR OF SOCKS.

We’re fighting a losing battle, Officers. The Impostors are taking over. They are winning. Only you can stop them, Fashion Force. Rise up against the Footwear Impostors. Refuse to allow your socks to be attached to your shoes. Wear DIFFERENT socks from time to time, just to show them that we all still have minds of our own, and that we’re perfectly capable of matching hoisery with shoes, without having to pay a designer brand £340 to make the difficult decision for us.

We CAN beat them. We’re not saying it’ll be easy, but the important things in life never are,  are they?

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