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Flying the Flag of Fashion Crime: Topshop’s pastel flag skinny jeans

Hey, American readers! Are you feeling patriotic, by any chance? Or maybe you’re just feeling indecisive, or bored with the sheer tedium of wearing jeans in which both legs are approximately the same colour? Either way, we have the perfect solution for you: Topshop’s pastel flag skinny jeans!

Yup, with stars to the left of you and stripes to the right, there you’ll be, stuck in the middle of the kind of fashion crime that will have motorists crashing their cars as they strain to get a closer look at what the hell you’re wearing on your legs. As for British readers, who’re perhaps more likely to shop at Topshop, even although it does sell internationally… well, we’ve no idea what you’d want with a pair of stars and stripe jeans, but if these have just made you gasp, “My God! Those would be perfect for [insert event here]!” you can buy yourself a pair for £45.

What do you think? Will you be flying the flag (on your legs) anytime soon?

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