Dress of the Day: Floral print bra cup dress by T-Bags

Floral_dresses We’re not going to risk repeating ourselves yet again by pointing out that floral dresses are big this year (Whoops! Looks like we just did…), but the thing about that is, not everyone’s a fan of floral, and with good reason. Floral print can look painfully twee, like something your granny would wear, or just like something you yourself might have worn in the early 90s, with a denim jacket (also making a comeback this year) over the top. And none of those may be looks you particularly aspire to (unless, of course, you are Chloe Sevigny, in which case, how’s that fashion label comin’?).

We think this floral dress by T-Bags, however, is a modern take on the trend, with big, bold flowers and a shape which won’t make you look like anyone’s grandma, we promise. It’s $216 at Shopbop, and is as sweet a little summer dress as we’ve seen this year. And you could totally wear that denim jacket over the top if you really, really want to…

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