Fashion Trends: Five Purple Party Dresses

Purple party dresses
If you follow fashion at all, you won’t need me to tell you that purple is going to be big this season. This is a  good thing, I think: it’s a great colour for autumn/winter anyway, and even better for Christmas parties, making a nice change from boring old black. Of the three dresses shown above, my favourite is the one in the middle, which is Monsoon’s ‘Isolde’ silk satin dress. It’s £75, and I love the colour, but am less keen on the empire line waist – when will this trend die?!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like empire lines are going anywhere soon. It’s easier to find dresses with proper waistlines than it was this time last year, but it’s still not what you’d call easy. Topshop’s Purple silk fancy sleeve tunic doesn’t have a waist to speak of at all, but it does have a nice 60s vibe, and will let you flash your legs a bit. Warehouse’s Victoriana silk mini dress, meanwhile, is £65 and has some nice, vintage-look beading on the front.

Look after the jump for a couple of US picks…

purple mini dress

I absolutely love this puff sleeve mini dress by INC International, and would buy it in a second – if, of course, it was available to the UK. For $89.25, I wouldn’t even let the fact that I prefer a more defined waistline put me off – the cut of this looks narrow enough not to matter.

purple bow prom dress

Finally, I wish I could find a better image of Jay Godfrey’s one-shoulder bow dress than the tiny little image Neiman Marcus see fit to provide us with. This has been seen in black on many a celebrity, but I think this gorgeous, rich purple is much nicer. $440 buys it, only those with a lot of confidence get to wear it with bare legs, like this model – personally I’d wear it with black tights, or even as a top.


  • October 23, 2007


    I love the monsoon dress to bits – on the hanger. Unfortunately it looked like a sack on me

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  • October 25, 2007

    Sara The Bargain Queen

    I’m not sure whether I’m thrilled or horrified!
    Purple is my absolute favorite color and luckily it suits me, so it’s brilliant that there’s lots of it in store.
    But on the other hand, if it becomes so trendy that everyone wears it, I refuse to look like a fashion clone (even when I wore it first) so I’ll have to put away all my purple clothes for a while 🙁
    Hopefully this is one of those brilliant trends than inexplicably doesn’t take off 😉

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