Five Habits of Highly Stylish People

Stylish people may all look and dress differently, but there are certain shared characteristics which they all share: and which it’s worth being aware of if you want to become one of them. Here are just five of the habits we’ve noticed in highly stylish people from all walks of life…

five habits of highly stylish people

The Five Habits of Highly Stylish People

1. Highly stylish people don’t care what you think of their outfit

OK, it might not be true to say that they don’t care AT ALL – we don’t expect anyone enjoys hearing rude comments about what they’re wearing – but naturally stylish people don’t need your approval or permission to wear whatever they want to, because they have enough confidence in their choices to not worry too much about other people’s opinions. We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it again, but attitude is everything when it comes to personal style, and one of the best “accessories” a stylish person can have.

2. They don’t follow fashion

Stylish people may be aware of current fashion trends, and they may even enjoy dabbling in it when it suits them, but they’re definitely not slaves to fashion. Instead, they focus on buying the clothes that actually suit them, regardless of whether or not they’re currently “fashionable”. For this reason, stylish people are more likely to have a signature style than to be constantly changing their look with the passing seasons and trends. Slavishly following fashion trends, meanwhile, is an easy way to turn yourself into a fashion criminal without even knowing it.

3. They pay attention to detail

They say God is in the details, and so, too, is style.  Highly stylish people are rarely what you’d consider “sloppy dressers”: they pay close attention to thinks like fit, fabric and finish, and you’ll never see them wearing something that needs to be ironed or mended. Shoes are polished, missing buttons are re-attached and anything that doesn’t fit perfectly is tailored until it does.

4. They don’t impulse-shop… often

We’re sure most people have their moments of spotting something on sale and pouncing before it’s too late… only to get it home and realise that it doesn’t work with ANYTHING in their closet, and is probably never going to be worn. Stylish people are probably just as tempted by impulsive purchases as the rest of us (And there’s nothing wrong with succumbing occasionally…), they’re just that little bit less likely to act on that impulse. Instead, they’ll consider each purchase carefully and make sure the item is a great fit – both literally and figuratively – before buying.

5. They treat their clothes as investments

For highly stylish people, clothes aren’t a quick fix for a bad day, or a simple solution to the “I have nothing to wear!” problem: they’re investments, and are treated as such. That doesn’t mean they’ll never pop into H&M on the way home from work and come out with a new top to wear on Friday night (Investment shopping doesn’t have to mean only ever buying “expensive” items), but it does mean they’re more likely to value quality over quantity, and to look after the clothing they do buy, whether by shelling out for regular dry-cleaning and tailoring or by keeping their closet as organised as possible. It’s harder (although clearly not impossible) to be stylish when your “wardrobe” is your bedroom floor, and you have to rummage through a heap of creased garments in order to get dressed every morning: stylish people avoid that trap by keeping things organised, ironed and mended.

Know a highly stylish person? Maybe you are one yourself? What are the habits you’ve observed that make stylish people stay stylish, no matter what they wear?

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  • September 8, 2013


    I would add “people watching” to the list – making note of what outfits/colours/textures work well on other women (sometimes men) and reflecting this back in your own style.
    I think It’s important to dress weather appropriately to remain stylish. Forecasts are the first thing I read when I’m deciding what to wear. My second consideration is my daily itinerary and thirdly I consider what I would feel comfortable in.
    Also prep, prep and more prep. Time needs to be allocated to mending, cleaning, sourcing sewing, storing, sorting and hanging. I hang clothes in blocks of colour because that’s my thing and rotate what’s in my wardrobe every six weeks. The pay-off is the speed at which you can get dressed or pack.
    Just a point of view, but I think stylish dressing isn’t just about the clothes. You have to invest in yourself. YOU and your hair have to be clean. Skincare is just as important. Major weight fluctuations become a wardrobe annoyance. Perfume is your friend. Get the basics right and it pays dividends.
    I’d also add that in my mind, there’s no shame in having a stylish day off. In fact a section on the left hand side of my wardrobe is devoted to just things I can sling on with a pair of comfy jeans.

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  • September 11, 2013


    Is this enough to be stylish? You describe an immaculately groomed, fastidious person in high-quality clothing – this is the foundation, but is it enough? With this recipe, you could be very boring, classic to a failure, someone who is always appropriately dressed but never gets noticed. For me, the creative spark is missing – dressing to enhance your physical assets (in a modest way, of course, not Jersey Shore) and offering some visual interest.

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