Five Fabulous Floral Prints

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Love it or hate it, you just can’t escape it at this time of year: yes, we’re talking about floral print, THE ubiquitous summer print.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you wearing florals during the rest of the year too, if you wish, but the Spring/Summer season is the time when flowers are applied to everything: dresses, shoes, skirts, tops… if you can name it, it’s probably had a floral print applied to it at some point.

For those who love them, florals epitomise everything that’s good about summer. Not only are they seasonally-appropriate, they’re also fresh, fun and feminine, and come in so many different colours and patterns that it’s usually easy enough to find something that’s to your liking.

For those who hate it, on the other hand, floral print will always be the “grandma” of prints, with the power to give clothing a “little old lady” feel…or to make it resemble a pair of curtains.

Which tribe do you belong to? Do you say yay or nay to floral print, or does it depend on the item it’s attached to?

Here are five of our favourite floral-print items, all available to buy right now…

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