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Victoria Beckham banned from wearing heels, worried about looking like “a golf club”

Would Victoria Beckham look like a golf club in flat shoes? Be honest: we’ve all wondered, haven’t we?

We’re about to find out, though, because apparently Victoria has been “banned” from wearing high heels for the duration of New York Fashion Week. That’s not on Fashion Police orders, we hasten to add – we wouldn’t be that cruel – but on the orders of Victoria’s doctor, who says she risks aggravating a slipped disc she suffered following the birth of Harper Seven last month, if she doesn’t switch to flats for a little while at least.

Hopefully Victoria will comply with this advice: not just because she’d be an idiot to put fashion before health, of course, but because we’ll be fascinated to see how she copes without her usual stilts.

According to a vague, possibly fictional, “source”, Victoria’s main concern is that she will look “like a golf club” in flats, and she has drafted in Christian Louboutin to help make sure this doesn’t happen. We hope you’ll all join us on Golf Club Watch 2011, coming to a screen near you, this September…

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