Fine feathers make fine shoes… or do they?


FINE FEATHERS MAKE FINE BIRDS… er, we mean shoes. And not so much fine shoes, as “really quite strange shoes“. The kind of shoes you probably wouldn’t be able to wear all that often, because unless you had someone carrying you around on a litter or something, we’re not going to trust those feathers to remain looking pristine for long. And we really don’t think that bedraggled feathers would create quite the same look, somehow…

Of course, that’s just us: we can’t ignore the fact that feather-heeled shoes are still much more popular (at least, if what we’re seeing in stores is anything to go by, anyway. There’s sometimes a difference between what fashion brands will try to sell you, and what people will actually BUY…), so if you like the look, but not the price, here’s a much more affordable version from Missguided:

grey feather heeled sandals

Not quite as exotic, sure, although probably a little more wearable: although, if the reaction we get from simply wearing a pair of heels – ANY pair of heels – is anything to go by, be prepared to get a lot of questions and “hilarious” comments from onlookers about the fact that you appear to have wings on your heels…

If even these are just too OTT for your tastes, worry not: did you know you can even work the feather trend while wearing a sensible pair of boots? Oh yes you can

feathered boots

So you still get to wear feathers on your feet, but at least no one can accuse you of jumping on board a silly fashion trend, can they? These are just WAY too sensible for that…

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