Fifty Fashion Fails (According to a new survey)

Ugg boots voted a fashion fail

Another day, another survey designed to find out which items constitute the worst crimes of fashion imaginable – the fifty fashion fails of all time, if you will.

This study was commissioned by, who asked 475 people to name their top style hates. The results are interesting, and occasionally baffling. There are a few duplicates (there’s not a HUGE difference between a “trucker hat” and a “baseball cap”, for instance, and we reckon “ripped clothes” and “ripped jeans” could probably have been combined), and it’s also clear that the people surveyed were from the UK, and still remember the 80s: shell suits, scrunchies, shoulder pads and the UK’s love of leisurewear all figure prominently in the list.

While we agree with the “fashion fail” status of many of these items, however (Crocs, harem pants and onesies, we’re looking at you…), others are, as we say, a little puzzling. What did capri pants ever do to deserve inclusion on this list, for instance? Or fedoras? And although a deep-V t-shirt might not be appropriate for every situation, unless it’s so deep that you may as well go topless, we don’t see a huge issue with that one either. Of course, what this proves is that fashion is subject, and that one woman’s Fashion Fail could be another’s Most Wanted. Take a look at the list below, and tell us what you think of it: do you share our puzzlement over some of the items and are there any you think SHOULD have been included, but weren’t?

1. Ugg boots
2. Low slung jeans
3. Flares
4. Shell suits
5. Trackie pants
6. Onesies
7. Hoodies
8. Double denim
9. Stonewashed jeans
10. Tie dye
11. Ripped clothes
12. Christmas jumper
13. Jumpsuits
14. Fleece anything
15. Army style combat pants
16. Short play suits
17. Crop tops
18. Lycra minis
19. Cheap leggings
20. Jeggings
21. Stirrup pants
22. Shoulder pads
23. Harem pants
24. Baseball cap
25. Clear bra straps
26. Furry boots
27. Stick on bra
28. Crocs
29. Bum bags
30. Drop crotch trousers
31. Platforms
32. Wedged trainers
Heeled flip flops
34. Ripped jeans
35. Velour tracksuits
36. Disco pants
37. Deep V neck t-shirts
38. Patterned trousers
39. Trucker caps
40. Scrunchies
41. Capri pants
42. Bucket hats
43. Jelly sandals
44. Fedoras
45. Waterfall cardigans
46. Hot pants
47. Dipped hem dress
48. Head to toe animal print
49. Over sized earrings
50. Shutter shades


Fifty Fashion Fails


  • March 19, 2014


    I can only guess that the fedora thing is because of the stereotype that self-proclaimed Nice Guys and entitled bronies who want My Little Pony to cater to them and not the target audience wear fedoras – basically assholes who write anonymous internet hate and threats.

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    • March 19, 2014


      Yeah, I was going to say that in my part of the Internet, “Fedora” is synonymous with “Thinks the silly emotional wimmin should make him a sandwich, lolz” Nice Guys. I can see how that would be a baffling inclusion on the list if you don’t encounter that attitude much though. (And I don’t suppose a woman wearing a fedora would be conveying the same message…)

      As for some of the other things on the list — it looks like the results of asking a bunch of people who are vaguely aware of fashion, but don’t really care about it too much. There are a lot of things that are really obvious targets of loathing, or really dated, or both. The capris thing is therefore probably a holdover from an earlier time — I remember them being considered quite mumsy a decade or so ago (at least in Canada). If they polled the same number of people, but gleaned them from fashion blog readerships, they’d probably get more replies like “birkenstocks with fancy dresses!” etc.

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    • March 24, 2014

      Annette Tirette

      Indeed, I think that’s why they’re in there… These hats have become associated by what I like to call ‘douchebros’. They’re not even actual fedoras by the way, a fedora has a wide brim… The hat most people are talking about is actually a trilby.

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  • March 19, 2014


    I agree with many of these. Crocs and Uggs are hideous, and ripped clothes should be thrown away. But waterfall cardigans look lovely on my figure and hoodies serve a practical. Flares can look good if you have the right body and personality for them, and I actually like crop tops with a higher waisted skirt thank you very much.

    But the baseball/trucker hats can die right along with jeggings.

    The only real problem with tracksuits is that they also serve a purpose which is frequently not taken into consideration. I still use tracksuit pants to go to dance class, or to walk/run. My theory is if it can be mistaken for pajamas you should not wear it to the grocery!

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  • March 19, 2014


    I go along with many of these, but I am not sure what the prob is with jeggings. How can you tell the difference if they are made of denim and have a top over them? Also, how do you determine if someone is wearing cheap leggings, examine the tag in the back? (oh pardon me, I just wanted to check the label on your leggings) I agree with Lizzie on hoodies and crop tops. I also kinda like short shorts on girls who can wear them well. No bum cheeks, but otherwise, cute. Now if I were to wear the last two, people would go screaming down the street and need therapy for years. When I first read the selections it seemed to me like Jaynie that this was not a very fashion conscious group that was polled. I am thinking along the lines of shred dresses and Fendi purse monsters of fox fur or tribal outfits of straw and feathers. However, it is true many are just plain uuu-gu–ly if not downright silly.

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    • March 19, 2014

      The Fashion Police

      I think the “cheap leggings” is probably a reference to leggings which are a bit see-through and saggy at the knee – normally a sign of a cheaper brand!

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  • March 20, 2014


    Onesies and hoodies in the top ten? That makes no sense.

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  • March 20, 2014


    I think we can safely agree that many of these items are not fails by themselves – like hoodies or tracksuits or even crocs – it is just when they cross over into “legitimate fashion” area and we see them on the street or in the office that they become fails. Same with nursery items and functional stuff. That leaves to me those items that never had a habitat to begin with: Furry boots, drop crotch pants, ripped clothing. These to me are stillborn at best and at worst, an insult to the national costumes of a number of central asian people.

    And with capris, deep v tees, hot pants, it is that they are so often worn wrong. V shirts on men make me cringe, also capris on short women who find them practical because they think they need not shorten them, and hot pants on anyone with sex hormones above the lower detection limit.

    If they’d asked me, I would have named the big-boobed-look, whether by implants or polyurethane foam bra, as the worst offender. Big breasts are for those who have them, and that bizarre look created by a double push-up on a skinny ectomorph is just nauseating to me.

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