Fifteen Full Skirts

fifteeen full skirts

River Island spot print midi skirt, £30; ASOS quilted midi skirt in floral print, £40

Being the observant types you are, we know you can’t have failed to notice that:

a) Full skirts are still in fashion, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change any time soon. We hope not, anyway.

b) The Fashion Police are just a little bit obsessed with this look. OK, a BIG bit obsessed.

Rather than keep on mentioning 50s-inspired skirts in every second post, then, we figured we’d indulge ourselves with a quick roundup of our favourites, and get it out of our system. There’s a huge amount of this type of skirt available on the high street right now, ranging in shape from very structured, voluminous styles, which make you look like you’re wearing a petticoat under them even when you’re not, to looser, more flowing shapes, which are slightly easier to wear. They also come in every colour and print imaginable, although, as you’d probably expect, now that we’re into spring, pastels and floral prints are tending to dominate.

We wrote a post on how to wear a full skirt a few months ago, so here are some of the skirts we wish we were wearing. If someone could just arrange to have all of these boxed up and sent to the Fashion POlice HQ STAT, that would be awesome. We promise to take very good care of them…


full skirts from Topshop

Ballerina prom midi skirt, £50; lilac texture midi skirt, £45; pale blue textured midi skirt, £45

full skirts from Coast

Rita skirt, £125; Dionysus skirt, £75 (in three colours) ; Aralyn skirt, £115

full skirts from River Island

scarf print skirt, £35 ; pink box-pleat midi skirt, £35; geometric stripe midi skirt, £35

full skirts from ChicWish

pastel blue midi skirt, $38.17; blue organza midi skirt, $45.82

full skirts from H&M

flared skirt, £34.99; wide skirt, £34.99

What do you think of full skirts?

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