Dress of the Day: Fever London Maui Atlantis Dress

What a lovely silhouette for a spring dress, you say! That’s right, it is. And guess what! This Fever London Maui Atlantis Dress, 70 GBP, is for sizes 8 to 14! All too often dresses catering to this size range are huge, shapeless messes, which makes curvy ladies feel like huge, shapeless messes. Well, your fashion police officers come in all shapes and sizes, and we know our public does, too.

As Gemma over at BigGirlsBrowse.com points out, this dress is perfect for holidays and sunny spells. With its lovely colorway and festive print it would also be great for girlie get-togethers about town. Throw on a cardi and you’ll even be safe from the air conditioning.

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