Festive fashion with Kotur’s $450 tinsel clutch bag

Kotur tinsel clutch bag

Kotur ‘Margo’, $450

Is anyone else seeing a clump of gold tinsel with some Christmas bells thrown in, a bit like the kind of home-made decorations you might have made as a kid – or maybe even now, depending on your decorating style?

If you answered “yes” to that, you may well be in the minority: apparently at least some people out there are seeing a $450 designer clutch bag, which they’re just desperate to get their hands on – this appeared in Net-a-Porter’s “new in” section this morning, but is already sold out at the the time of writing. Of course, it could be that NAP only ever had a couple of these in stock, but even so, that’s some seriously expensive tinsel, and we’re now kicking ourselves for not coming up with this idea first. When we think of all of the old Christmas decorations we’ve thrown away over the years, when we could have been turning them into handbags!

Actually, this is not a handbag, but a minaudiere: the designer’s website states that it will hold “a smart phone, and not much else”, so now we’re thinking that’s one expensive smartphone case. Obviously the Christmas spirit hasn’t reached this part of the world yet, hence the Scrooge act from us…

What do you think of this? If you reckon it’ll bring just the right amount of holiday cheer to your Christmas wardrobe, you can buy it at the Kotur website!


  • November 27, 2013

    Judith Brunner

    there are some weird or too rich people out there

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  • November 28, 2013


    If it were on Etsy for $25, everybody would laugh at it.

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