Fashion Police

Festive Fashion from Charlotte Olympia

festive fashion from Charlotte Olympia

Uh-oh! Novelty items are coming! All officers on standby, please!

As regular readers will perhaps recall, The Fashion Police aren’t big fans of novelty clothing unless it’s being worn by:

a) children


b) crazy cat ladies. They can make anything work.

In the case of the items above, if they came from a local store, for instance, most people would probably consider them to belong to the same category as holiday sweaters or those giant gangly light-up earrings in the shape of Christmas tree baubles, worn to the office Christmas party for “a bit of a giggle”.

These, however, are OMGDESIGNER items, by Charlotte Olympia. The snowman bag is $595, the shoes are $795 and the Christmas pudding clutch is $695. That’s… a lot of money for a quick laugh at Christmas lunch.

What do you think of novelty items in general, and of very expensive ones in particular? Can you see yourself dropping a few hundred dollars on a Christmas pudding themed fashion item? Get them all at Net-a-Porter if you answered “yes”…

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