Crimes of Fashion

Modelling is Hard: Bearded Edition

Female model with beard

She didn’t sign up for this, you guys.

Or this:

Woman with short dress, high heels and beardWhen she left her small town in Kansas, she was headed for the big time. The bright lights! The big city! The runways, and the glamour: the paparazzi tracking her every move as she stumbled out of nightclubs at 4am, on the arm of a rockstar. “Momma,” she said, “I’m gonna be a star!”

Pretty girl with beardNow she’s wearing a fake beard and adopting ridiculous poses in such a way that people will overlook the clothes and talk instead about how the model was wearing a beard, and fashion writers will be able to say how OMGEDGY it all it is. And every night she lies awake, worrying that she’s just one modelling assignment away from being arrested by The Fashion Police.

It’s funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it?

Model with beardShe knew modelling would be hard. She just didn’t think it would be THIS hard…

(Clothes by Howitzwiessback, available at Not Just a Label.)


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