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Style on Trial: Feathered mini skirts from Zara

Something we’ve noticed in our years of Fashion Policing, is that most people love feathered mini skirts. Witness:

(Feathered skirts, £79.99: click here to buy them)

You’re already poised to tell us how much you adore these, aren’t you? So today, we’re asking you to explain the appeal. Because while many of our readers think feathered skirts are the cat’s pyjamas, we, on the other hand, tend to think they’re almost as comical as cat’s pyjamas. Seriously, you’re seeing fun, “edgy” fashion here, but we’re just seeing the skinned hydes of Elmo and Grover:

Fashion Icons, 2011

We’re also seeing the glimmerings of a Halloween costume idea, but we don’t want to pay £80 for the privilege, which is what one of these skirts will cost you.

Tell us what we’re missing here, folks. What is it about feathered skirts that makes so many women love them? If you can do this without using the words “quirky” or “edgy” or the phrase “bang on trend”, then you win a cookie from Cookie Monster himself.

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