Fearne Cotton in a bright red jumpsuit

Fearne Cotton in a red jumpsuit

Fearne Cotton is the darling of the UK’s fashion press (She’s a TV presenter, in case you’re wondering), so it’s not unusual to see her out and about in something like this bright red jumpsuit. Now, it’s no secret that The Fashion Police are no friends of jumpsuits. Sure, there are a few we don’t actively hate, but only a few, and the problem even with those is that they can be hard to wear,  and if you’re caught at the wrong angle, can be unflattering to even the most fabulous of figures. Is that the case for Fearne? Well, as much as we dislike jumpsuits, we actually think that if we were forced to wear one, this one may not be too bad: we do love the top half, and it’s very much in keeping with Fearne’s style. What do you think?

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  • February 4, 2010


    i like it its super chic

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