Faux Thrifted: 10 Vintage-Inspired Graphic Tees At Urban Outfitters

One of the biggest fashion trends right now is anything retro or vintage. If you’re looking to sport some vintage style, one of the best places to find great pieces is at a thrift store. Thrift stores are notorious for carrying vintage tees like the one’s that are majorly in style right now. If you can’t find any vintage tees at your local thrift store – or if you don’t even have a local thrift store – you can always opt for the next best thing. The next best thing is a vintage-inspired graphic tee from any one of your favorite stores. Vintage-inspired graphic tees are shirts that are brand new, but designed to look old and worn, with a retro logo or design. One of the best retailers for vintage-inspired graphic tees is Urban Outfitters! Check out 10 great vintage-inspired graphic tees at Urban Outfitters below!

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1. Pink Floyd Tee, $39

vintage graphic tees

This faded Pink Floyd tee is perfect for anyone who obviously has great taste in music.

2. The Rolling Stones Tee, $34

vintage graphic tees

Who doesn’t love the iconic Rolling Stones tongue logo?

3. Free & Easy Logo Tee, $49

vintage graphic tees

When you wear this shirt, make sure no one takes it as an advertisement…

4. Disney Crew-Neck Tee, $39

vintage graphic tees

Re-visit the retro days of Disney with this vintage-inspired tee!

5. Nickelodeon Cropped Tee, $39

vintage graphic tees

We all loved Nickelodeon as kids, and now we can show off our love for it as adults with this cropped tee!

6. Meep Tee, $39

vintage graphic tees

Perfect for any Jim Henson mega-fans, we’re obsessed with this faded Meep tee!

7. Misfits Legacy Tee, $35

vintage graphic tees

Another music-inspired retro tee, because you can never have too many!

8. Black Sabbath Tee, $39

vintage graphic tees

We want you to wear this awesome Black Sabbath tee, but we hope it doesn’t inspire you to bite the heads off any bats…

9. Friends Logo Tee, $39

vintage graphic tees

So no one told you life was gonna be this way…when you’re wearing your perfect Friends logo tee!

10. Budweiser Tee, $39

vintage graphic tees

We can hardly believe this faded Budweiser tee isn’t actually from someone’s closet in 1987. How is this possible?!

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