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Style on Trial: Faux Fur


From the very brief look we’ve taken at the Fall 08 collections so far, it’s already clear that there’s going to be a fair old amount of faux fur around this winter. And now we want to know what you think of it.

So far, we’ve had comments both for and against faux fur, when we’ve shown you photos of it. On our New Look preview, for instance, Zoe described it as “Ugly, boxy, and glamorizing real fur. Yeugh.”

On our Miss Selfridge preview, meanwhile, Gokarm commented: “To me, it has a historical relevance…nearly every civilization in the history of mankind has worn fur, so obviously there is an aesthetic attraction between humans and fur. Thank God we live in an age when we can be cruelty free and still feel that connection to our roots.”

So, let’s put it up On Trial

For ourselves, while we can totally understand where Zoe is coming from, it’s Gokarm’s point of view we identify with the most. The thing is, while we don’t wear real fur for ethical reasons, we’re going to put our hands up here and admit that we do appreciate the look of faux fur (or some of it, anyway), and tend to view it as a cruelty-free way to wear a look we like.

Does this glamorize real fur? We don’t really think so, but with that said, we’re aware that we’re a lot less likely to wear faux fur these days than we were even a few years ago, because the whole issue has become such an ethical minefield that we’re no longer sure what to think.

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