Fashion Crime Friday | ‘Fat Pants’ and other crimes of fashion

We begin this week’s Fashion Crime roundup with the awesome news that now you can wear pants that are THIS big:

fat pants

Buy them here for $405

Suspect # 1 | The Fat Pants

OK, so this only counts as “awesome news” is you have a lot of stuff you want to store in your hips. And also if you think $405 is a good deal for this amount of fabric. Oh, and before you start yelling at us, let us just stress that we’re not just being insensitive/politically incorrect by referring to them as “Fat Pants”: that’s their ACTUAL name. Yes.

Would you rather wear a paper bag than go out in these? Well, it’s your lucky day!

Bless dungarees

Buy them here for $1,037

Suspect # 2: The Saggy Dungarees

It’s our old enemies, Bless, creating lumps, bumps and saggy bits, where there were none before. Never change, Bless! Never change…

As you probably know, the sports luxe look is big right now, which means that even good ol’ sweatpants have been getting the high-fashion treatment:

sporty fashion crime

Buy them here for $44

Suspect # 3 | The semi-sheer sweatpants

Is NOTHING safe from the curse of sheer fabric, we find ourselves wondering? Apparently not. And if you think the suspect above is bad, check out this example of Sports-Luxe-Meets-Sheer

sheer sportswear

Buy them here: various prices

Suspect # 4 | Sheer Sportswear

Well, at least these would make the gym a bit more interesting, we’ll give them that. They also make all of the items above them seem a bit more stylish, which is really saying something. We’re going to assume these aren’t intended to be worn exactly the way they’ve been styled – i.e. with very little underneath them – but then again, it’s FASHION: you can take nothing for granted, can you?

Tell us which of these suspects you’d arrest, and which you’d set free: and don’t forget to follow us on these social networks:

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