Fashion Crime Friday | Furry footwear and other crimes of fashion

Furry footwear: we’ve been trying hard to remember if there’s ever been an example of that particular look that we HAVEN’T considered to be a crime of fashion, but nope, we don’t think there has. In fact, we think we can declare with confidence that, as far as we’re concerned, the addition of fur to a shoe or boot will almost always add instant “Fashion Crime” status. Double-the-crime if it’s REAL fur that’s been used to uglify an item of clothing. Case in point:

fur sneakers

[Buy them here for $1,145]

Suspect # 1 | Pierre Hardy – Mixed Media Fur-Front Sneakers

To be fair, we’ve never been sneaker fans at the best of times, and that’s why you won’t see us hopping on board the “sports luxe” bandwagon any time soon. Is it just our bias against this particukar form of footwear that makes us think these fox-fur-embellished sneakers are crimes of fashion? You tell us.

Continuing with the fox fur theme…

Fendi monster booties

[Sold out.]

Suspect# 2 | Fendi’s sold-out monster boots

These weren’t just arrested on suspicion of being furry footwear: we’ve also booked them for the crime of “having a face”. Well, do YOU want to walk around with faces on your feet? If you do, you’re out of luck: these muppet-like monster booties are now sold out. If you’re REALLY keep to wear clothes which have a face, though, you might like our next suspect:

lion face coat

[Buy it here for £1,813]

Suspect # 3 | The Lion King Coat

Can anyone else see the lion’s face on the front of this coat? Please tell us you can see the lion’s face on the front of this coat…

And finally:

Marni skirt

[Buy it here for £1,566]

Suspect # 4 | The Flower Skirt

We suspect some of you will really like this skirt, but it looks like a pile of dead leaves to our jaded eyes, and that’s just a little off-putting. We think it’s the shoes that REALLY pushed us over the edge here, though: they’re not TERRIBLE on their own, but combined with the skirt, they’re asking to be arrested.

So, what do you think, Fashion Police jurors? Are these items innocent or guilty as charged?

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  • April 11, 2014


    This is why I like this site. It has been taken over by pretty clothes lately, but that isn’t why I come here.

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  • April 11, 2014


    Round ’em up; haul’em in! I can hear the sirens wailing from California. Why. Just WHY? I guess because you can. No to fur on shoes. The ones from Fendi were inevitable. When you can sell a fur ball for a purse for $700, you know somebody is going to say–“Hey, think how much we could charge for a shoe!”. And no, Amber, you are not hallucinating. (Or we both have the same diagnosis). I see the lion too. Skirt–Yawn.

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  • April 11, 2014


    I thought of a horse face for #2, but when I read your comments I could definitely see Simba, as well. It especially makes me think of the poster art for The Lion King on Broadway.

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  • April 14, 2014


    There is a lion’s face and no mistake! The coat must look hideous in profile because the “nose” part is jutting forward, but maybe it’s maternity wear? And the Fendi boots have an incredibly malevolent look about them, as if they are secretly criticizing one. They remind me of how my hair would look during those years I was a competitive swimmer – short, fluffy and sticking out in all directions.

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  • August 6, 2014

    darbas anglijoje

    this dressing shoes are crazy!

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