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Two eighties fashion trends that came back this season

Love ’em or loathe ’em, the 1980s are never very far away when it comes to fashion. Here are two current trends which the children of the 80s might recognise…

red neckerchief


Back in the late 80s, fans of the boyband Bros used to wear high-waisted jeans (the kind that would probably now be described as “mom” jeans), white shirts or t-shirts, and red bananas, tied around the neck. We thought we were the BOMB, seriously. Now we simply feel like we’ve gone back in time, because that whole look has come right back around, to the point where it’s hard to find a fashion blogger these days who doesn’t have a chirpy little red bandana tied around the neck. These are more often spotted these days with the ubiquitous Breton top and a trench coat, and honestly, the jury is still out for us: when you’re as old as we are, it’s hard not to look at the red bandana bridgage and think, “Bros! Yay!” (If you’re even older than we are, meanwhile, you might just look at them and think, “YEE HAAAW!”); on the other hand, the more we see them “in the wild”, the easier it becomes to drop that association and see them as a “current” trend again. Give it another few weeks, and who knows: we might even buy some…

satin bomber jacket


It would be wrong to suggest that bomber jackets are purely an 80s-trend: they’re one of those looks that never really went away, and the current trend for satin ones has more of a “pink ladies from Grease” feel than an “I was a child of the 80s” one. If you WERE a child of the 80s, however, you might have some fond memories of padded bombed jackets, which looked awesome with those marble-wash jeans and red neckerchiefs, obviously. Oh, and don’t forget the Grolsh bottle tops on your Doc Marten shoes!

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5 Terrible Fashion Trends We’d Like to Leave in 2015

It’s a new year, which means we can expect a whole new set of fashion trends: some of which we’ll love, some of which we’ll hate so much we’ll instantly want to throw them into fashion jail. 

Before that happens, though, and in the spirit of a new start, here are some of the fashion trends of 2015 which we’re hoping will stay there, rather than following us into 2016…

I woke up like this

01. ‘I Woke Up Like This’ on everything 

It wasn’t particularly clever the first time we saw it, and it definitely wasn’t making us laugh by the 67,556th time, either.

the 70s look

02. The 70s look

Although the retail world beat the 70s look to death this year, we actually didn’t see too much uptake of it on the streets, which makes us wonder if this one was really as popular as the fashion magazines and clothing stores would’ve liked us to believe. We’re not saying the 70s look can’t work if it’s done right (the problem is that it rarely IS done right, unfortunately…), but we’ve had it thrust upon us for almost two years now, so we reckon it’s time for a change. Anything would be better, really…

goat hair slippers

03. Furry shoes

This is another one that was all over the fashion press, and the shoe sections of Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter et all, but we’d be really interested to know how many pairs of these shoes were actually sold: and who to. Let’s all just agree to leave these in 2015, and never speak of them again. Deal?

bad denim by Cheap Monday

04. Ridiculous denim

We’re not sure how 2015-specific this one is, but denim has been getting out of control for a while now, and we think it’s time to get it back under control. Denim, you’re on your last warning: if we have to speak to you about this again, you’re going straight to Fashion Jail, you hear?

05. Awful overalls


We realise we’re fighting a losing battle here (and also that the example we’ve used here possibly owes more to the 70s trend than the overalls one), but as long as retailers keep making clothes that look like this, we’ll keep fighting the good fight. Don’t worry, Fashion Force: we won’t abandon you to Overall Overlords…

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Fall Fashion Trends 2015: the 70s look

Well, you don’t have too look too far to figure out the fall fashion trends 2015, do you? A quick look at Zara’s ‘new-in’ section reveals that the 70s look is still alive and well – and just as big a fashion trend for fall 2015 as it was was for winter. And summer. And spring. And… we honestly can’t see an end in sight to this one, folks: which will be good news for some of you, and very bad news for others…

fall fashion trends 2015

A-line dress over wide culottes

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: Culottes

The good news is that, as with most trends, the fall fashions don’t take the 70s look completely literally, so you’re not necessarily going to find clothes that are historically accurate, or which make you look like you stepped back in time – although if you WANT to look like that (and we honestly can’t imagine why you would), you won’t find it too difficult.

Instead, the look is 70s-inspired, taking key elements of the 70s look and giving it a more contemporary feel for fall 2015. Culottes, for instance, were huge this summer, and will continue to be a fall fashion trend for 2015, although they’ll come in heavier fabrics like denim:

fall fashion trends 2015: culottes

Fall fashion trends 2015: culottes at ZARA

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: Flares

No 70s-inspired fashion trend would be complete without at least a few pairs of flares, and Zara have taken a somewhat incomprehensible approach to this, with the kind of wide-leg pants that make us suspect our old enemy, The Foot Snatcher, is on the loose again.

This isn’t a particularly practical look, because few people want to drag acres of fabric along city streets, especially in autumn and winter, but if you have them hemmed to the right length, you’ll get the same look without risking tripping over your own pants.

70s-inspired flares for fall 2015
70s-inspired flares for fall 2015

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: Pussy bows and paisley print

We’ve lumped these two together, although they can obviously be worn separately, too. There’s something about a paisley-print pussy-bow blouse that just screams 70s, though, and you’ll be seeing quite a few of these on the rails for fall 2015: whether you decide to get on board with this particular fashion trend or not, is obviously up to you…

pussy-bow blouse- a fall 2015 fashion trend

Fall Fashion Trends 2015: A-Line Midis

Midi skirts and dresses have been a fashion trend for a few years now (Is it still a “fashion trend” if it’s lasted that long? Probably not…) and you can read our advice on how to wear a midi dress here.

This seasons 70s-inspired look, however, requires a different kind of midi, so forget the 50s-style big skirts (WE won’t forget them, obviously, because we love that look, and you’ll prise our full skirts off our cold, dead bodies. You can feel free to abandon them, though, if following 2015’s fashion trends is important to you…), and look instead for leaner, A-line versions, more in keeping with the 70s-look. You won’t have to look too far, either: Zara have tons of them in stock right now, and the rest of the high street won’t be far behind.

70s-fashion trends - a-line midi skirts

70s-inspired fashion trends for fall 2015: Suede

Suede coats. Suede jackets. Suede skirts. Suede bags. They’re all essential components of the fall fashion trends 2015, and while we’d personally advise not wearing them all at once, there’s no denying that doing exactly that will leave no one in any doubt that a) you’re totally on-trend and b) the 70s are back. Like, REALLY back:

fashion trends for fall 2015 - suede

Seventies inspired fall fashion trends for 2015: pinafores and dungarees

“Pinafores” and “dungarees” – two words guaranteed to put fear into the Fashion Police’s beating hearts. These items aren’t easy to pull off – in fact, if you’re not careful, you could find yourself up on ‘Dress Like a Toddler‘ charges, and no one wants that, do they?

Pinafores and dungarees can easily end up looking incredibly juvenile, and that’s the truth. They can also instantly create a 70s-inspired look, though – especially when paired with pussy bow tops, say, or any of those other fall fashion trends of 2015 – and that’s the truth, too. We’re not saying it’s a happy truth, necessarily … but it IS the truth.

70s fashion for fall 2015

The good news is that the 70s look isn’t your only option this coming season, however. There are other fall fashion trends to look out for…

Other fall fashion trends 2015


You know the kind of shoes the queen wears? THOSE.


You can probably blame 50 Shades for this one. That’s not ALL we blame 50 Shades for, mind you.


You might have noticed quite a few mini skirts in the photos above: those a-line midis aren’t the only skirts around for fall 2015.


Fur seems to be the “edgy” fashionistas weapon of choice most seasons, to be honest, but it’s particularly prevalent amongst the fall fashion trends 2015. Personally we think it’s sad that the fashion world continues to make real fur “fashionable” when there are so many great alternatives out there, but we’ll spare you the lecture, and simply note that fur boots, fur coats, fur bags, fur everything will be on show this fall.

These are, of course, just a few of the fall fashion trends 2015 will have to offer, so stay tuned for more reports from The Fashion Police…

[All items features are available at ZARA. Remember to deploy fashion trends with caution, and remember that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to wear it: being a fashion victim is NEVER in style.]
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Trend Trial | Co-ordinated separates (co-ords)

Co-ords: co-ordinating separates

Co-ordinated separates – or “matching sets”, as your granny might have called them – are not a new thing. Far from it, in fact.

At a time when the “matchy-matchy” look has been out of fashion forever, and very much looked down upon by the “edgier” dressers out there, the idea of intentionally wearing two items of clothing that are designed to match perfectly seems almost novel. We’re so used to hearing fashionistas extole the virtues of the “unexpected” while sneering at anything too predicable, that the popularity of co-ordinating separates (“co-ords”, if you will) has taken us slightly by surprise. Not that we’re complaining, of course: we’ve always been not-so-secret fans of the idea of matching items, and buying items designed to co-ordinate has a practical purpose, too. Tale the skirts and tops in our image, for instance: not only can you wear each pair of items together (in which case they’ll look pretty much like a dress), you can also wear each item with other pieces, thus allowing you to create multiple outfits out the same two items – much more versatile than an ACTUAL dress would be.

The current trend for co-ords encompasses just about everything. While we’ve focused here on skirts with matching tops, we’re also seeing a lot of trouser + top or trouser + jacket combinations, too. The true fashionista will wear the two items togther, sometimes with slightly alarming consequences: many of the these co-ord poeces make use of very bold or busy patterns, which we think look better in smaller doses. We submit the following into evidence:

co-ords from Zara

[Exhibit A and Exhibit B: Both Zara]

It’s a whole lot of look.  If you stick to smaller /more subtle prints, however, it’s a fairly easy look to pull off, and, as we said above, the mix-n-match aspect of it is pretty appealing.

What do you think of the trend for co-ords? Crime of fashion in the making, or something you’ve been doing all along, fashionable or not?

In the image (clockwise from left):  Warehouse skirt & top // Dorothy Perkins top & skirt // Zara top & skirt // Topshop skirt &  top


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Gorgeous gingham: the pretty print for spring

gingham print fashion

Is it just us, or has there been a whole lot of gingham goin’ on lately in the world of fashion? Even more than usual for this time of year, that is. Gingham, after all, is one of those perennial spring/summer prints – possibly because it reminds us of picnic blankets, which makes us associate it with sunny days and ice cream on the beach. Or is that just us, too?

It may be a classic, but there’s no doubt that the distinctive check print is more popular than ever before this season: Spring only just officially started last week, but already we’ve been spotting fashion bloggers and civilians alike looking like they’re off on a summer holiday in their gingham skirts and tops. Speaking of which: the continued popularity of the 50s-style full midi skirt makes it the obvious choice  for the equally-retro gingham look, but the print is also appearing on more contemporary pieces like crop tops (which look great with those high-waisted skirts) and shorter dresses. The trend for co-ordinating prints also makes it possible to pair a gingham print top with a gingham print bottom, should you so desire. We’d probably advise against going on to add the shoes and headband from the image, though – that could be a little too matchy-matchy, even for us.

What do you think of gingham print? Will you be adding any of these pieces (or the many others that are around right now) to your closet this spring?

Gingham print fashion:

clockwise from left:  Pull & Bear check print crop top. £18 // New Look pink gingham crop top, £9.99 //  Aqua gingham skater dress, £16  //  Blue gingham wire bow headband, £4.99 // New Look pink gingham check pencil skirt, £14.99 // Topshop gingham bow court shoes, £58 // F&F gingham peplum hem skirt, £14.99 // Fair + True gingham bustier top, £57 // Topshop gingham midi skirt, £58

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The pastel coat trend isn’t dead yet…

pastel coats

Lemon coat: Marks & Spencer

Thought the trend for pastel coats would fade away like winter itself? Think again: cold weather may be on its way out (Let’s hope those don’t turn out to be famous last words…) but those pastel coats are still very much IN, and it looks like they’re going to stay that way throughout the summer, and probably into next autumn and winter, too. That’s bad news for those of you who hate them, of course (or who just wish we’d stop talking about them), but if you’re a fan of all things pastel, it could be very good news indeed.

As you’d expect, the current crop of pastel coloured coats are far more lightweight than their predecessors, and therefore much more suitable for spring weather. We’d like to think they WON’T be quite as suitable for summer weather, but let’s face it: for those of us in the UK, there’s a good chance they probably will be.


The items on this page are all from the upcoming summer collections, so not all of them are available to buy right now (we’ve linked up the ones that are), but they will be soon, so if you failed to climb aboard the pastel bandwagon this winter, don’t worry, there’s still time. As we said, this is one trend that isn’t going anywhere fast…

pastel coats

Pastel Coats for summer 2014

01. Blue duster coat, £60 : Red Herring at Debenhams (not yet available)

02. Monsoon pink ‘Carina’ mac, £89

03. Yellow coat, £90 – Marks & Spencer collection

04. Lightweight pink coat, £60 – Bank Fashion

05. Pale pink trench, £75 – La Redoute

06. Lightweight twill coat, £75 – ASOS

07. Pink textured coat, £28 – George

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Style Trial: Pink Coats

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Fashion Trends | City Shorts are back for summer 2014

It’s probably wrong to describe city shorts as a “fashion trend”. For one thing, well, they’re city shorts: they’ve been around forever, and they’ll probably be around forever more. For another thing… did we mention they’re city shorts? They’re not exactly the type of thing we’d normally use the word “trendy” to describe, are they?

fashion trends | city shorts

All shorts: Dorothy Perkins

Make no mistake, though: city shorts are currently enjoying something of a surge in popularity, and are starting to appear in this season’s pastel colours, as well as the more usual blacks and navys. This, naturally, makes us wonder what you think of them, but before we get to that, let’s answer the obvious question…

What ARE city shorts, anyway?

The image above really tells you everything you need to know here, but just in case it doesn’t, city shorts are basically a smart/casual take on the Bermuda short. Hitting just above the knee, and with a slim-cut (but not TOO slim-cut leg), they’re the kind of thing you’d wear on a warm day if you didn’t want to wear a skirt or dress and short shorts were out of the question. The name might suggest that city shorts are designed to be worn for city-based activities, or to work in an office, say: well, the latter will depend very much on where you work – they’d probably be a little too casual for some workplaces, but could be perfectly acceptable as “business casual”, if styled correctly. Speaking of which…

How do you wear city shorts?

The main issue people have with this style of short is that it can look a little frumpy, if you’re not careful. To avoid the “tourist” look, our advice is to pay careful attention to your footwear and accessories: heels or ballet flats will look more polished than sneakers, say, and a well-cut blazer or cute cardigan will also help dress the shorts up if you’re thinking of wearing them to the office.

What do you think of city shorts? Do they get a Yay or a Nay?

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Fancy Pants | Trousers get all dressed up

fancy pants: evening trousers

L-R: ASOS trousers in floral jacquard | Banana Republic Camden fit gold skinny ankle pants | J Crew Collection cafe capri pants

Something strange is going on in the world of trousers. And it’s probably J Crew’s fault.

It’s been happening for a while, actually. It’s almost as if trousers are tired of being the boring old backbone of many an outfit: now they want to be the STAR. They don’t want to be black, or grey, or navy, or any other dull, block colour. No, trousers want to shine: literally. Brocade. Jacquard. High-shine gold and silver. Tile print. Embroidery. You name it, trousers are ON IT – or ITS on THEM, rather.

This new breed of trouser is bold, colourful, and nothing like your standard black pants. Dressy enough to work as evening wear (Goodbye, little black dress!), shiny cigarette pants have a very luxurious, almost decadent feel to them, but they CAN also look just a little bit like expensive pyjama pants if you’re not careful. Despite this, they’ve become increasingly popular in recent months, and that popularity seems set to increase as the upcoming Christmas party season creates more of a demand for shiny gold (and silver, and pink…) things.

Well, these trousers are certainly shiny: much dressier than we’ve come to expect trousers to be, some of the fabrics are almost reminiscent of Christmas wrapping paper, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view. So, what IS your point if view on this trend? Do you think it’s about time trousers stepped out of the shadows of some of the more “interesting” items out there, and started making a statement all of their own? Or are you looking at these photos and thinking they’re nice looking pyjama pants, but not something you’d wear in public?

Are fancy pants a crime of fashion?

Fashion Trends

Roundup | Heart-print on the high-street

Primark heart-print dress

Heart-print dress: £8, Primark

Thanks largely to Burberry Prorsum, whose autumn/winter collection this year included a whole lotta hearts, heart-print is BIG right now. We’re pretty happy about this, we must admit: hear-print is basically the slightly cuter cousin of the polka dot – it’s fun, it’s sweet, and it comes in so many different forms that it would probably be difficult not to find at least something we liked.

On the flip-side, this print is super-sweet and super-girlie,and for some people it’ll be SO sweet it’ll give them a toothache just to look at it. Keep it small, and stick it on a classic, button-down shirt and it won’t be too hard to wear, but put large hearts on a baby-doll style dress, say, and you could well find yourself veering into Dress Like a Toddler territory. Our best advice is to keep things “grown up” with simple shapes and un-fussy accessories – or even none at all: this is a print that really speaks for itself.

Of course, not everyone can afford Burberry’s prices, so if you heart heart-print (so to speak), you’ll be pleased to know the high street has fully embraced the trend, with a wide range of heart-print pieces at much more affordable price points. Here are just a few of them…

GALLERY | Heart-print on the high-street

Fashion Trends

Trend Trial | Windowpane check

windowpane check dress

Windowpane check dress: French Connection

We’ve already spoken about tartan/plaid as a trend for autumn (again), but it’s not the only checked print to be popping up this season: we’re also going to be seeing a lot of windowpane check, which, according to the internets is:

[a pattern] of very wide checks, often in white or other light colors on top of a darker background. The name comes from the fact that the pattern does indeed look like a series of windowpanes

So, exactly what it sounds like, in other words.

Most of the windowpane check we’re seeing right now is of the “black on white/cream” variety, which we like, purely because it’s nice to see some lighter colours being used in winter clothing for a change. There’s also a fair amount of black, navy and tan around too, though, so if white is too bright (or just too hard to maintain), at least you have some lower-maintenance options to fall back on.

This is a print that crops up on men’s suits fairly often, and this helps lend it a slightly formal feel, although obviously how you wear it depends on the item it’s attached to. It’s a print that’s currently being used on everything from skirts and dresses to socks and pyjamas (midi skirts and cigarette trousers are particularly prone to getting the windowpane check treatment), though, so it can really be as casual or as dressy as you want it to be. And needless to say, although it’s currently “trendy”, it’s another one of those prints that tends to stick around, so it’s not going to look dated in a few months’ time.

What do you think of windowpane check? If you’re still undecided, here are some pieces currently available to buy on the high street: just click the image to go to the retail website.

Gallery | Windowpane check

Related: The Fashion Police review Dorothy Perkins’ windowpane check midi skirt

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Style Trial | Patent leather clothing

patent leather clothing fashion trend

Patent pencil skirts by ASOS and Valentino

We’re all used to seeing patent leather used on shoes and handbags, but this season patent leather clothing is set to take over. So, what do we make of it?

This trend mostly revolves around skirts: The Fashion Police’s officers have already identifies several pencil skirt suspects, and there are a large number of full midi skirts out there too, with a patent (or mock patent, as the case may be: the high street’s take on the patent leather clothing trend doesn’t generally extend to real leather) finish. Skirts aren’t the only items getting the high-shine treatment, though, and you’ll also find shirts, jackets, and even the odd pair of patent pants, too. The mind boggles.

This is one of those looks that requires careful styling to make it work. Done right, the wet-look effect can add a lot of interest to a basic skirt, and in the case of some of the midi-length full skirts, it’s a good way to modernise a look some might consider just a little too “safe”, or even frumpy. Done WRONG, however, there’s just no getting away from the fact that a cheap patent shirt, for instance, can end up looking a lot like a refuse sack, and be “tacky” rather than “edgy”.

So, how do you wear patent leather clothing: assuming, of course, that you actually WANT to? The trick to pulling this one off is to make the patent piece the focal point of the outfit, and to offset the shine with another texture – wool, say, or one of those fluffy sweaters we showcased recently.

With that said, this definitely isn’t a look for everyone and the high-drama, “Look at me” feel of patent leather clothing is going to put a lot of people off, and is probably best avoided unless you’re sure you can pull it off.

What do you think of patent leather clothing: is it innocent or guilty of committing crimes of fashion?

GALLERY: Patent leather clothing

(Click the image to go to the retailer’s website)

Fashion Trends

Next Autumn/Winter 2013 preview

Next Autumn Winter 2013

Next Autumn Winter 2013

We feel like we should have called this post “Mad for Plaid” or something similarly cheesy: that IS what almost all of these photos have in common, after all.

Next aren’t the only brand to be embracing plaid for Winter 2013: in fact, most of the brands we’ve previewed so far have included the print in some form or another, and that’s not surprising – it’s yet another one of those so-called “trends” that are actually not trends at all, because they crop up at the same time every year.

While Next aren’t the only ones touting plaid as an important part of the upcoming season, however, they do seem particularly enthusiastic about it, putting it on shirts, trousers, skirts and even tights. This season’s plaid is the grungy, outdoorsy type, rathwr than the preppy, tartan variety of last season: think lumberjack shirts and cabins in the woods, as opposed to cashmere sweaters and strings of pearls.

What do you think of it, though? Take a look at the gallery below to see some more…

Gallery: Next Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Fashion Trends

Marks & Spencer Autumn Winter 2013

Marks and Spencer Winter 2013 preview

We’re not going to lie to you: the second we finished uploading these photos, we headed straight over to the Marks & Spencer website to see if any of this stuff was available yet. Specifically, we were looking for the coats. Oh, those coats! At a time when most high street outerwear collections have been uninspiring to say the least, we think M&S have really pulled through, with a selection of luxe-look, vintage-inspired styles which are just packet full of good, old-fashioned glamour.

And ARE they available yet? Well, some of them are. Certain items, however, such as the powder blue coat (which is such a refreshing change from the usual dull winter colours) is already starting to sell out in some sizes, however, so if you do see something you like from this collection, you might want to buy it sooner rather than later. Yes, even although it’s still only August. Well, summer IS the best time to buy coats, after all, and sometimes it’s the ONLY time to buy them before they sell out completely. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Take a look at the collection below, and don’t forget to tell us what you think of it!

Gallery: Marks & Spencer Winter 2013 Collection

Fashion Trends

ASOS Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

ASOS Autumn Winter 2013 collection

A few things jump out at us about the ASOS Autumn/Winter 2-13 collection:

1. Leather. Lots of it. Mostly on skirts and dresses, but there’s plenty of other leather to be found, too. We’re loving some of the dresses, and we particularly like the full leather skirt: a great way to put a modern spin on a classic item.

2. Wet-look fabrics. High shine, high impact… high likelihood of getting you arrested for committing crimes of fashion? We’ll see.

3.Grunge-inspired plaid. Every single year. Every. Single. Year.

4. Orange. We’d make a lame “orange ya glad” joke here, but we just bet ya ain’t – glad, that is. Well, it’s a tough colour to wear for many of us, but if you can make it work, it can have a whole lot of impact, so it really just depends on whether or not you can pull it off: or THINK you can.


patterned jumpsuit

We’ve been staring at this for a very long time now, and we’re still no closer to being able to imagine anyone looking good in it, but if you think you can prove us wrong, go for it.

Some of these items are actually starting to filter onto the ASOS website already (Damn those retailers and their eagerness to put an end to summer and get us all into our winter duds ASAP!), while the rest will be available at some point in the coming weeks. Now that you know what you’re going to be dealing with from ASOS this winter, however, we need to know how you feel about this collection. Are you excited to wear any of this, or do you think it should all proceed directly to Fashion Police jail, without passing ‘Go’ or collection $200? Tell us in the comments sections – but take a look at this first:

GALLERY: ASOS Autumn/Winter 2013

[All items: ASOS]
Fashion Trends

River Island Autumn/Winter 2013

winter 2013 fashion from River Island

Well, this is … confusing. We just can’t make up our minds what River Island’s winter 2013 fashion collection is all about.

There’s an outdoor/woodsy/grungy vibe from the plaid, and the fur, and the beanies.

There’s a mod/60s vibe from the shift dresses and tall boots.

There’s a 50s vibe from the midi-length full skirts and dresses.

There’s a vintage/30s feel to the long pink dress.

There’s a really quite perplexing green metallic blouse, which wouldn’t look out of place on Crystal Carrington, circa 1985.

Is it all things to all people, or is it just a bit of mish-mash of styles and looks? We think this requires further investigation, so let’s take a look at the evidence…

Gallery: Winter 2013 fashion from River Island

Fashion Trends

Pink is the new black. Apparently.

Every season has its colour. Emerald, for instance, was nominated the Panetone colour of 2013, but this winter pink is the colour to watch out for. Or so say the fashion powers-that-be, anyway: the Autumn/Winter runways were full of the colour, so it’s only fair to assume the high street will be following suit, and that soon we won’t be able to walk into a store without feeling like we’re on the set of Legally Blonde.

We’re probably going to be reading a lot of “pretty in pink” headlines on press releases, too. Awesome.

pink isthe colour of winter 2013

The good news is that you don’t have to be Elle Woods to get in on this look. This season’s pink is the dusky, subtle variety, as opposed to the pepto-pink we COULD have ended up with, and that makes it much easier to wear without feeling like a walking caricature of a “girlie girl”. Close shave there, huh? You don’t have to go head-to-toe Barbie on us, either: this is a colour that can be best in small doses, and if you’d rather have a larger dose if it, there’ll be a lot of pale pink outerwear to keep you happy.

Or, of course, you COULD simply ignore this trend altogether, if you so wish: there are no laws against it. While pink is a shade that many people love, it’s also a colour that some people look down on, especially in the workplace, where it can be seen as too “girlie” and frivolous. Can a colour be a fashion crime? Do you think wearing the so-called colour of the season might make people take you less seriously, or do you reckon it’s JUST a colour, with no associations at all?

Finally, what do you think of this trend in general? Will you be wearing pink this winter, or will you just stick to whatever colours you usually wear, whether they happen to be “in fashion” or not?

Image: Topshop sweater, Ted Baker jacket, Blugirl skirt, Topshop shorts, satchel and shoes

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Full skirts for Fall 2013

Full skirts: The Fashion Police love ’em, as you can probably tell from many of our outfit picks. When we heard that they’d be making a “comeback” for Fall 2013, then, our first reaction was, “Comeback? Why, where have they been?” and our second was simply, “Oh, who cares: bring it on!”

Yes, full skirts are officially back in fashion: so naturally, we want to know what you make of looks like this:

full skirts: fashion trend for Fall 2013

Full skirts for Fall 2013: Net-a-Porter

Full skirts, of course, have been around for a very long time, and while they’re most often associated with the 1950s, the concept is much older than that. It’s that 50s silhouette which the looks above are making reference to, however: the words “ladylike” and “feminine” are the ones most often used to describe this particular style, and as you can see, while some of these skirts have been given a bit of a modern edge, with slouchier shirts and a touch of chambray, it’s all still very classic, with pointed toe shoes and clutch bags.

full skirts from Net-a-Porter

Full skirts by (L-R): Roksnada Ilincic, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Tibi

Full skirts come in every kind of length imaginable, but the look of the moment stays faithful to that 50s inspiration, with a midi length, nipped in at the waist, and cut either with our without pockets (our preference is WITH: we can never resist a skirt with pockets…).  It’s a style that many people resist, feeling that the longer length will be frumpy and old-fashioned, but if you want to give it a go, take a look at our article on how to wear a midi dress (The same rules apply), and consider giving the look a more contemporary edge by pairing your skirt with a slouchy sweater, logo T, or another, more casual piece.

Oh, and although the runway, as always, sets the trends, the high street is never far behind, and there are already plenty of affordable full skirts to choose from the usual suspects: take a look at the gallery below for a few of our favourites!

Gallery: Full Skirts

Fashion Trends

Winter 2013 Fashion: 60s style from La Redoute X Courrèges

Don’t you just hate it when there’s a heatwave going on, but all the fashion magazines want you to start thinking about – and shopping for – winter clothes, because hey, the winter 2013 fashion collections have just been released: better all rush out and buy ’em?

Do you hate that? We hate that. That isn’t going to stop us following suit today, though, because while we’d be happy never to see another snowflake again, it’s not often that a winter collection really grabs our attention, and when it does, we want to show you it.

white A-line 60s style dress

bright pink winter outfit

winter 2013 fashion

60s style winter coat

winter 2013 fashion

white puffa jacket winter 2013 fashion

All items: La Redoute

This collection from La Redoute X Courrèges is definitely an attention-stealer. Combine the block colours, ranging from stark white to pepto-pink, with bold, 60s-inspired shapes, and you have a range of winter fashion that’s much more interesting than we’ve come to expect from the French catalogue brand (much as we love it).

These clothes may not be the easiest styles to pull off, especially if you choose the pink or white versions, which are designed to stand out as much as possible, but we really like the way the simple shapes have been used to create a retro feel, with a bit of a contemporary edge to it.  If you don’t think you can pull off the aforementioned white (not the most practical of colours in winter, but definitely one of the most dramatic) or pinks, the black and grey versions will be much easier to wear, creating the same basic look, but without that “look at me!” element.

These aren’t quite as affordable as some of La Redoute’s offerings – prices start at £79 for the A-line mini skirt, and go up to £225 for the coat – but they are part of a designer collaboration with Courrèges, which explains the higher cost.

What do you think: will you be going back to the 60s with your winter 2013 fashion choices? You can click here to view the rest of the collection, if so.

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Trends on Trial: Comic print clothes

Comic books: one the sole preserve of nerds (By which we mean REAL nerds, not people who CALL themselves “nerds” because they think  it makes them cooler than they actually are…), now the very height of fashion:

comic print clothes

Well, OK, maybe “the height of fashion is a bit of an exaggeration. This isn’t exactly a high-fashion look by anyone’s standards, but our officers have noticed an increase in the number of comic-print clothes available from mass market retailers recently. The items shown in the gallery below are all available to buy now, and they cover everything from jewellery and other accessories to trousers, dresses and even underwear. Oh, and it doesn’t matter who your favourite comic book hero is, either – Superman, Batman, WonderWoman, She-Ra: the gang’s all here.

The prints we’re describing as “comic book” range from classic pop art to entire comic strips, with a handful of “POWS!” and “BANGS!” thrown in for good measure. As with almost everything in fashion, this isn’t a new look, and we saw quite a few comic prints last year too, albeit at the higher price-point demanded by the likes of Marcus Lupfer and Phillip Lim.

What do we think of all of this? Well, we actually love pop art prints – to hang on the wall. As for these particular items, we tend to find them a little bit cheap looking, and perhaps more suited to teenagers than grown women, but as we’re sure someone will point out, that could well be because we’re “just too old and fat to wear them!” Quite.

What do you think of comic print clothing? Is it something you’d wear, or do you consider it to be a crime of fashion?

GALLERY: Comic print clothing

Fashion Trends

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Spring 2013 Fashion

Can’t be bothered trawling through all of those runway photos on, just to try to figure out what the Spring 2013 Fashion Trends are? Want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, but not actually interested enough to ACTUALLY know what you’re talking about? Worry not: The Fashion Police are here to help. Ignore the runways and find out what’s REALLY “in fashion” this season with our Spring 2013 Fashion Cheat Sheet, otherwise known as…

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Spring 2013 Fashion

Spring 2013 Fashion trends modelled at accessorize

Spring 2013 fashion: the monochrome trend at Accessorize


We’ve spoken about this trend so much this year that we actually feel it should be over by now. Actually, though, it’s just getting started, so you should expect to be seeing black and white for the next few months at least. The monochrome trend is mostly making itself known in the form of bold, black and white stripes, but of course ANY combination of black and white will work just as well.

The lazy girl’s way: Avoid looking like a fashion victim by ignoring the “convict” look and simply add white or cream accessories to a black outfit: easy. Alternatively, the trusty ol’ stripe top is an all-time classic.

The Fashion Criminal way: This look, as mentioned above, can all too easily stray into “cartoon convict” territory. If you want to be arrested by us, go right ahead with those head-to-toe stripes…

monochrome fashion

All items: Net-a-Porter

60s style

The 60s are back in a big way. Last year’s midi dresses are being replaced by short shift dresses and low-heeled shoes. Graphic prints and – of course – monochrome add a 60s influence to just about anything.

The lazy girl’s way: Choose your era. While current trends are very much channelling the mod style of the mid-to-late sixties, which can be harder to pull off, you can always claim to be “working” the trend by taking your inspiration from Mad Men season 1-3. (Please don’t claim to be “working” the trend, though, or we may have to arrest you for Annoying Use of Fashion Words.) Alternatively, and for extra fashionista points, kill two fashionable birds with one stone by wearing a monochrome shift dress. Look instantly “bang on trend”, as if you’ve just spent hours pouring over vogue. Feel smug, even although you couldn’t care less about being “bang on” ANYTHING, and just bought that dress on the basis that the simple shift is NEVER out of fashion…

The Fashion Criminal way: Some trends should be left in the 60s. We’re going to suggest that those low-heeled, pointed-toe shoes are one of those things. We’ll also suggest that if you look like you’re in fancy dress, you’re DOING IT WRONG. If you really want to be a fashion criminal from this era, though, we’re sure you can track down some truly eyeball-searing psychedelic prints…

60s style shift dresses

Spring 2013 fashion trends: 60s style shift dresses by Florence & Fred

Florals. For Spring.

Look, we KNOW. You can’t really call it a “trend” when it’s just the same old print, year after year. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what the fashion pundits are doing, so don’t shoot the messenger when we bring you the news that florals are an OMGHOTTREND for this spring. And every spring ever after, we’ll be bound. Just wake us up when they’re NOT a springtime trend, OK?

The lazy girl’s way: Go to your closet. Pull out that floral dress/skirt/whatever that’s probably lurking there. Wear it. Be at the cutting edge of spring 2013 fashion. Actually, this seasons florals trend mainly revolves around things like floral-print pants, jeans and jackets. These can all look good in moderation, and when done right, but if you’d rather take the easy route, you’re never going to run out of options, are you?

The Fashion Criminal way: Look, there are florals, and then there are FLORALS. Florals look like the kind of thing you’ve been wearing for years, without even knowing you were “working” a trend. FLORALS, meanwhile, look like this:


…which, in addition to being a migraine risk, will also be, like SO 2012. Heaven forbid.

All white on the night

Again, white isn’t exactly a massive departure for many of us during the warmer months of the year, so we doubt you’re scratching your head right now and saying, “What WILL these fashion mavens come up with next?” We’ll see more head-to-toe white this summer than usual though, and trust us, it WILL stand out. Mostly because it’ll have ketchup or something dribbled down it. Oh no, wait, that’s just us, isn’t it…

The lazy girl’s way: There really ISN’T a lazy way to wear head-to-toe white, unfortunately. It’s high-maintenance, unforgiving, and can make you look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. If you want to give it a go, though, the lazy way is to cheat by adding another colour: think “white pants and top with coloured cardigan”, say. You’ll still get all the drama and freshness of white, but it’ll be a little less “in-your face”. If the other colour is similarly pale (Pastels, say, or a pale taupe/beige), it’ll go even further towards maintaining that “all white on the night” feel.

The Fashion Criminal way: Dress like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Done.

selection of white fashion items

All items: Net-a-Porter

Bermuda shorts

This year, shorts are long. Sort of. The Bermuda is back, and is being combined with tailored jackets to create a “short suit”. If you don’t like Bermudas, don’t worry: the short suit can also be worn with a shorter short. Are you confused yet?

The lazy girl’s way: The city short is the slimmer, more stylish sister of the Bermuda. Whether you wear them as part of a “suit” or not is totally up to you…

The Fashion Criminal way: The model pictured below looks nervous. She needn’t be, though, because technically, it should be hard to mess this one up. This makes us wonder if she’s planning to take the “elderly Brits abroad” route and wear them with white socks and Birkenstocks? THAT would certainly be one way to get arrested…

model in navy bermuda shorts

Spring 2013 Fashion: ASOS city shorts

What do you love and hate about Spring 2013 Fashion? Tell us!