Fashion Police Approved: Mischa Barton & Kerry Washington in Cannes


I know you probably hadn’t realised it, but here at The Fashion Police, we believe in giving credit where it’s due. Yes, even to Mischa Barton. That’s why we’ve started our new ‘Fashion Police Approved’ category, to let us show a little love to the people who get it right. Let them be an example to us all.

We’re kicking this new category off with Kerry Washington and – gasp! – Mischa Barton. Now, I know Mischa is more used to being arrested for her crimes against fashion, and this is because Mischa normally looks like she got dressed in the dark, but you have to hand it to her – the girl done good with this dramatic black and white gown, didn’t she? It’s a little bit risky, and perhaps a little bit too dramatic for some tastes, but I think she looks great here – as does Kerry Washington in this lovely, emerald green dress. Shoulders back, though, Kerry! You’re not a malnourished fashion model, so no need to slump like one…

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  • May 28, 2007


    I really love the black and white dress, so structural!

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